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swimming, back pain

Swimming is perhaps one of the best choices for people looking for exercise as a relief from chronic back pain. Pools are often easy to access in most communities, and the barrier to entry is low. Meanwhile, the water delivers built-in resistance to challenge the body without being too taxing. What is essential to understand…

Shoulder Subluxation

Though it has a difficult name, a “shoulder subluxation” is merely another term for a type of dislocation. However, shoulder subluxation concerns only a partial movement of the humerus away from its proper position in the socket of the shoulder; this is opposed to a true dislocation, where the humerus completely exits the joint that…

Yoga poses can help tackle the difficulties brought on by chronic pain. Taking a proactive stance towards managing your discomfort makes it easier to face that challenge directly. With some work, you can make progress towards more comfortable living. Yoga is perhaps one of the best tools to have in your arsenal when it comes…


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