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Did you know that April is Stress Awareness Month? It’s imperative to pay attention to your stress level and manage it in healthy ways. Stress can lead to numerous health issues including tension headaches, back pain, fatigue, and more. Over time, chronic stress can make the body more susceptible to disease. You can avoid many of these issues by keeping your stress to a minimum. Chiropractic adjustments are one thing you can do for yourself to help minimize stress and keep you calm and focused. Here are four ways chiropractic care can help relieve your stress.

Reducing stress by reducing muscle tension

Stress and muscle tension form a cycle that can be hard to break; you feel stressed, so your muscles tense, which leads to pain and more anxiety. When your muscles are tensed, it can affect your posture and the way you sit, stand, and walk. Over time these changes take a toll on your body. You may experience sleep problems or have trouble concentrating on work because of the tension in your body. Your chiropractor can help soothe this tension, restoring your body’s natural balance and your mind’s focus.

Restoring physical function through spinal adjustments

Your spine is central to your neurological system. Everything your brain communicates to the rest of your body – including swallowing and breathing – it transmits through the backbone. When you are stressed, and your body becomes tense, it affects your spine. Your chiropractor can adjust your spine and restore its natural position as well as the normal function of your body. Many patients report that after regular chiropractic treatments, they have more energy, get sick less often, and feel less stressed overall.

Help for stress through proper nutrition

Many people eat to deal with stress but eating unhealthy food, or too much food only puts the body under more strain. Proper diet is the foundation of good overall health. It can seem ironic that when you are stressed and want least to focus on healthy eating is when it can indeed help the most. Chiropractors don’t only offer spinal adjustments; they can also counsel you to improve your dietary habits including healthy foods and supplements you may be lacking.

A holistic whole-person approach

Your body and mind are inextricably connected, and this is never more apparent than when you are under a lot of stress. Your chiropractor can counsel you on full-body wellness including nutrition, exercise, physical therapy, and mental processes. All of these lifestyle choices impact your fitness, physical performance, and mental health. Your chiropractor will take your complete medical history and work closely with you to help you develop healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes that will keep you feeling your best.

If you are feeling the burden of stress that so many of us are these days and you need help relaxing, contact Redefine Healthcare. We can connect you with the chiropractic services you need to relax, refocus, rebalance, and restore your physical and mental health.



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