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In October, Redefine Healthcare introduced NeuroFlow – a digital health application for tracking, assessing, and managing your overall wellness. Redefine Healthcare is excited to expand this program by adapting a psychiatric collaborative approach. 

With this expansion of the program, our providers will be working with a licensed psychiatrist to develop a treatment and support plan for patients who may require additional mental support. While it may seem like a physical illness, chronic pain is often linked to psychological and emotional factors that affect hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. By integrating behavioral health into our practice philosophy, Redefine Healthcare aims to treat the whole body – not just the pain source. 

About NeuroFlow

NeuroFlow helps you take control of your whole health – both physically and mentally. NeuroFlow provides fun, mobile, and easy-to-use tools that guide and support your journey towards an improved, more holistic well-being. With the application, you’ll be able to:

  • Complete self-care activities like breathing exercises or journaling
  • Track your mood, sleep, stress, and pain to view progress
  • Stay engaged with your overall wellness whenever, wherever you are

To learn more about NeuroFlow or to sign up, contact Redefine Healthcare at (732) 906-9600 or 

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