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If you are suffering from knee or low back pain and want to avoid or postpone surgery, or simply prefer drug-free and non-invasive treatment that is effortless to use…

If you want to get back doing daily activities without the struggle – walking, using the stairs, being more active…


We have really exciting news for you!


Redefine Healthcare now offers a truly innovative treatment – AposTherapy.

AposTherapy is a clinically proven, FDA approved, solution for knee and lower back pain—without the need for surgery, injections, or opioids. 

It addresses the root cause of the pain by shifting pressure from the painful area and by re-educating muscles for a healthier walking pattern, even when not wearing the device.

The treatment is individually tailored to each patient, and conveniently used at home without interrupting daily routine – giving the patient the power and freedom that comes with restored mobility and a healthier life.

  • Unique treatment – by wearing them for 1 hour a day, AposTherapy eases pressure from the painful joints and fixes abnormal walking patterns
  • Tailored to you – AposTherapy® shoes are fitted with special pods which are customized based on in- depth analysis made by specially trained physical therapists
  • Fits your routine – Don’t waste precious time out of your day. Apostherapy® shoes let you walk around – at home, work, or the park – while getting better.

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