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minimally invasive lumbar decompression

Redefine Healthcare is pleased to announce that they offer the M.I.L.D. (minimally invasive lumbar decompression) procedure at their New Jersey clinics. This procedure is helpful for patients with moderate to severe LSS (lumbar spinal stenosis), who often can’t walk more than short distances or even stand for more than a few minutes without experiencing significant pain. This condition significantly affects their quality of life. Until recently, the only treatment options these patients had were conservative methods that weren’t always practical or open spine surgery. 

Now, there is another option for patients who don’t want to or can’t undergo open spine surgery, yet don’t respond optimally to conservative treatments. M.I.L.D is an innovative x-ray-guided percutaneous treatment that can reduce pain and increase mobility while preserving the spine’s structural integrity. 

LSS is often caused by hypertrophy of the ligamentum flavum or (sometimes as well as) a bulging disc. The narrowing of the spinal canal causes the associated nerve compression. When a person with LSS walks or stands, the spinal canal narrows more, leading to low back or leg pain that may be relieved by bending forward or sitting down. Certain patients with LSS may be good candidates for M.I.L.D. if they experience this type of pain and their MRIs show that the primary cause of their spinal stenosis is ligamentum flavum hypertrophy.

Conservative treatments for this condition include measures such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, epidural steroid injections, and physical therapy. However, these treatments help only a small percentage of patients, and those who do experience relief often find that it is temporary. On the other hand, some patients benefit from open spine surgery, but not all patients are candidates, and open spine surgery carries its risks, especially for older patients – who comprise the majority of people with LSS. M.I.L.D. is a new option for these patients. 

“The M.I.L.D. procedure offers people an alternative to open spine surgery that is still effective and allows them to stay active and maintain their independence and quality of life,” says a spokesperson from Redefine Healthcare. 

M.I.L.D. is performed under sedation through a tiny incision. The surgeon will guide a unique tool between the bones, scrape out the ligament, and make the spinal canal wider to minimize nerve compression. They will also inject contrast material into the epidural space to help with positioning and ensure precise placement throughout the procedure. 

Patients typically recover quickly from M.I.L.D., as spinal mechanics are not disrupted and the bony architecture of the spine is undisturbed. Most patients return home the same day and begin the rehab program that includes regular walking and participation in physical therapy for optimal healing. 

“We are finding that patients overwhelmingly report positive results with M.I.L.D.,” says a Redefine Healthcare spokesperson. “We see very few complications, significant improvements in mobility and physical function, and fewer secondary complications of the original condition. We are thrilled to be able to offer our patients this procedure, which can help them get back to their normal activities more quickly.”

If you would like more information about M.I.L.D., please call Redefine Healthcare at (732) 313-2610 or contact them here.

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