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facet joint thermal

Redefine Healthcare offers facet joint thermal ablation treatment in New Jersey to treat arthritis of the spine and other conditions such as facet disease, facet hypertrophy, spondylosis, and spinal degenerative joint disease. Especially in patients who have tried conservative care methods for several months with no relief, Redefine Healthcare staff explain, this procedure may help relieve pain and improve mobility.

The facet joints sit on the outside of the spinal cord and provide flexibility and movement to the spine. Cartilage helps these joints move freely, but over time, certain conditions can cause the cartilage to wear down. When this wear-and-tear happens, the resulting bone spurs may irritate nearby nerves, causing pain, limited motion, and other symptoms. Facet joint thermal ablation targets the affected joint by using a laser to remove bone spurs and tough areas from the joint and deaden the nerves, resulting in significant pain relief.

Facet joint thermal ablation provides relief from chronic pain and stiffness for patients who have joint arthritis and other conditions that aren’t relieved with nonsurgical treatments. As Redefine Healthcare professionals explain, it is a minimally-invasive procedure that requires only a very small incision and does not affect the muscles and nerves surrounding the treatment area. Thermal ablation can be performed on an outpatient basis, allowing most patients to go home on the same day of surgery. Because the procedure is minimally invasive, bleeding and scarring are minimal, and recovery is faster.

Patients preparing for facet joint thermal ablation will receive pre-operative instructions which they should follow carefully. In general, these instructions include avoiding tobacco, stopping certain medications, and fasting for a certain amount of time before surgery. Patients will also need to arrange a ride home after the procedure.

During recovery, patients can manage any pain at the incision site with ice and pain medications. Patients will receive instructions from their doctors regarding when to return to normal activities and which additional treatments they might need to support their healing, such as physical therapy. As the Redefine Healthcare team explains, professionals typically prescribe physical therapy after thermal ablation because it helps to improve strength and range of motion and accelerates recovery times.

During the procedure, the surgeon makes a very small incision over the affected joint. He or she will then insert thin tubes through the incision to access the nerve and joint. The surgeon can view the spine and operate with great precision thanks to special imaging technology. A laser deadens the nerve and cleans and smooths the surface of the joint before the surgeon removes the tubes and closes the incision. As Redefine Healthcare surgeons confirm, patients often experience immediate relief after facet joint thermal ablation.

If you would like more information about facet joint thermal ablation, please call Redefine Healthcare at (732) 906-9600 or use the online contact form to request an appointment to discuss your symptoms, underlying conditions, and the best treatment options for you. The practice is led by Dr. Eric Freeman, a Board-Certified physician, and highly skilled specialist. Redefine Healthcare uses the latest minimally-invasive treatments to help patients with a wide range of spine and pain disorders.

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