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Redefine Healthcare announced that they will now offer epidural steroid injections at their New Jersey clinics. Epidural steroid injections are used to help reduce inflammation and pain related to nerve root compression. Nerve root compression can be the result of spinal stenosis, bone spurs, or herniated (bulging) discs. Compressed nerves can become inflamed, leading to…


Redefine Healthcare has advised caution when riding electric scooters, in response to a growing number of e-scooter-related accidents and injuries. Head, face, and other injuries have increased dramatically over the past several years as more people use the popular alternative to gas-powered vehicles. However, helmet laws vary from state to state; in New Jersey, where…


The shoulder is an amazing joint with a wide and versatile range of movement. However, because it has so many parts and moves in so many different ways, it can also be a source of instability and even injury in many people. Pain is commonplace, particularly as a result of overuse or a specific injury….


Redefine Healthcare announced that they offer vertebroplasty for patients at their New Jersey offices. Vertebroplasty is used to reduce deformity and pain after compression fractures of the spine. A compression fracture occurs in the body of the vertebra and may cause one or more vertebrae to collapse; this is often due to osteoporosis. Other conditions…

facet joint thermal

Redefine Healthcare offers facet joint thermal ablation treatment in New Jersey to treat arthritis of the spine and other conditions such as facet disease, facet hypertrophy, spondylosis, and spinal degenerative joint disease. Especially in patients who have tried conservative care methods for several months with no relief, Redefine Healthcare staff explain, this procedure may help…


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