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workers' compensation

Workers’ compensation is often one of the benefits that prospective employees expect when considering a job. If an employee becomes injured on the job, workers’ comp will cover the employee’s associated financial burden, including medical expenses. In New Jersey, all employers not covered by federal programs must carry workers’ compensation insurance.

At Redefine Healthcare, we have convenient locations throughout Central and Northern New Jersey to help employers and employees with their workers’ compensation claims. We offer same-day appointments and fast turnaround on all necessary documentation, and we are in-network with most workers’ comp insurance carriers. We also have a dedicated workers’ comp liaison to streamline all communication about treatment.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Redefine Healthcare for all your workers’ compensation issues.

Same-day appointments and a 24-hour turnaround on documentation

When an employee sustains an injury at work, it is important for him or her to see a doctor right away for several reasons. Even if the injury seems minor, getting appropriate medical care promptly is essential.

First, early treatment gives an employee the best possible chance of a full recovery—a priority for employees, their families, and their employers. Second, waiting too long to seek treatment creates a larger challenge for employers and insurance companies in determining whether the injury or medical condition is work-related. “Toughing it out” is one of the biggest mistakes that people make when they get hurt at work. Doing so can impede recovery and affect the benefits that workers’ comp coverage provides.

We make time for same-day appointments to help people dealing with workers’ comp claims get the care they need when they need it.

Dedicated workers’ compensation liaison

An injured employee dealing with the workers’ comp process often has a lot to juggle: scheduling and attending doctor’s appointments or hospital visits, obtaining necessary prescription medications and medical equipment, and participating in regular physical therapy sessions, for example. Our dedicated workers’ comp liaison is there to assist everyone involved–the employee, the employer, the doctors, and the insurance company–with seamless communication.

This person helps by serving as a point of contact for all parties, providing information to insurance adjusters, validating the information provided by the worker, and confirming treatment authorization and doctors’ visits. Workers’ comp can be complicated, and having a dedicated liaison trained to handle these cases is a huge help.

Non-surgical, interventional care

We focus on non-surgical, interventional treatments whenever possible because of their advantages over traditional surgical procedures. Non-surgical interventional treatments are typically less costly than surgery; they also have shorter recovery times and fewer risks. Examples of these types of treatments include physical therapy, epidural injections, nerve blocks, biofeedback, and education on lifestyle changes. We tailor treatment to the individual patient and always do everything that we can to treat the problem effectively using non-invasive, non-surgical methods.

If you are an employer or an employee dealing with a work-related injury, don’t hesitate to contact Redefine Healthcare for more information on workers’ compensation options.

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