Drugs and injections vs. AposTherapy®

A number of clinical studies have shown that patients were not satisfied with medicines and injections in the long term.

While medicines and injections address the sensation of pain and can turn off patients’ inflammation and pain sensations temporarily, AposTherapy® takes a different approach. AposTherapy® realigns the body and helps strengthen the muscles to improve the patient’s daily function – thereby relieving pain and significantly improving daily function.

Also, AposTherapy® is non-invasive and safe. Imagine a way to treat your pain and improve your daily functioning without medicines or injections. That’s AposTherapy®.

Surgery vs. AposTherapy®

While surgery has proven to be effective—and produces similar results in pain reduction and improvement of function as AposTherapy®—some patients cannot, or do not want to, go under the knife.

Additionally, surgeries are not always effective. Studies have found that 7% to 23% of hip replacements and 10% to 34% of knee replacements, do not offer long-term pain relief. Which leaves some post-surgery patients wondering what to do next.

Imagine a way to treat your pain and improve your daily functioning without the scalpel. That’s AposTherapy®.

Biomechanical Treatments vs. AposTherapy®

Biomechanical treatments such as orthotics, braces and walking aids attempt to stop or even reverse the cycle of pain by focusing on reducing loads. Physical exercises and neuromuscular training, such as training with unstable surfaces, are also being tested. However, most, if not all, of these biomechanical treatments are not monitored by a clinician.

AposTherapy® provides both biomechanical training and neuromuscular training at once and is personalized and monitored by a trained clinician. Abundant clinical studies show that AposTherapy® relieves pain and improves function.

Imagine a dual-action, biomechanical and neuromuscular, treatment program for pain that’s clinically proven to work. That’s AposTherapy®.