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Neck Injury

A neck injury is a potentially debilitating event. A severe neck injury can cause paralysis or even death. Due to the serious nature of all neck injuries, do not ignore any pain that stems from your neck area. While it may be just a pulled muscle, it may also signal a much more serious injury, and some neck injuries don’t cause immediate pain. If you’ve suffered an injury to your neck, don’t wait. Call or visit NJ sports injury doctor, neck injury specialist of Redefine Healthcare at any one of the four locations in northern New Jersey. When you’ve suffered any kind of neck injury, you need to find the best pain management specialists around to get the best care.

Neck Injury Treatment in NJ | Pain Management Doctor, SpecialistWithout the use of your neck, you wouldn’t be able to do many things you normally take for granted. Because of the structural support and internal functionality it provides to your head and brain, your neck keeps you mobile and healthy. A neck injury can alter the course of your life.

Your neck consists of the cervical spine, composed of the C1 through C7 vertebrae and all the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, important blood vessels and key structures, such as the esophagus and trachea.


Consider that a broken neck leaves many paralyzed for life. Your doctor at spine clinic in NJ of Redefine Healthcare treats the root cause of your neck pain and makes sure your injury doesn’t keep you down for long.

Causes of Neck Injuries

A neck injury is caused most often by trauma — a hit or fall that does damage to any part of the neck — but can also come from medical conditions affecting any of the structures in your neck, such as arthritis, cancer or infection. Neck injuries can result from minor events like strains, sprains and spasms. You can get injured from a stiff neck, overuse, improper use or just everyday wear and tear.

Sometimes, a disease process that starts elsewhere in your body can cause an injury in your neck. This situation can occur somewhere in your spine, the bones that make up your vertebrae or the strong muscles that keep your head upright and maneuverable. These conditions include:

Types of Pain from Neck Injuries

Your pain relief specialist in New Jersey categorizes most neck injuries based on the onset, duration or intensity of your pain. Neck injuries in particular can sometimes cause a delayed reaction. The three categories include:

  1. Acute. When the pain occurs within four weeks of your injury, it’s considered acute.
  2. Subacute. If the pain occurs and worsens in four to 12 weeks, it’s subacute.
  3. Chronic. The pain lasts longer than three months if it’s chronic.

This is a useful guide to help your doctor make a quick diagnosis. In an acute neck injury, the pain usually resolves in a short time, although it depends on the severity of your injury. An injury that takes a while to develop points to other issues, like a spinal cord injury or a tumor.

Neck Injury Symptoms

Among the many symptoms of any injury, there is always pain. The type and severity of your pain points your doctor to a specific diagnosis. Sudden, severe pain is likely caused by something other than what causes gradual, dull, achy pain. The associated symptoms may reveal the location and cause of the pain.

These additional symptoms of a neck injury include:

If you have certain symptoms, especially after suffering a trauma, you may need emergency care. Difficulty breathing, vomiting, tingling or loss of consciousness or bladder and bowel control are all symptoms that mean you require immediate medical attention.

Neck Injury Treatment

Immediate neck injury treatment or first aid measures are necessary in acute, traumatic injuries. If medical professionals can’t attend you, get to the nearest hospital. Neck injury treatment for acute trauma is performed to stabilize your condition first, so further treatment doesn’t cause any more damage.

Neck injury treatment for non-acute trauma, minor neck injuries and other diseases depends on the cause. You can usually treat any muscle, tendon or ligament injuries at home after your pain management doctor diagnosis the root cause. If you’ve broken or fractured a bone, don’t try at-home remedies. Your treatment may require a little more time and attention.

Top New Jersey doctors handle all the issues that cause neck injury. Whatever the cause of your neck injury, know that the best NJ sports injury doctor and a team of pain management specialists do everything possible to get you back to your active lifestyle. Contact Redefine Healthcare today for the best care of neck injuries.

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