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    Because your hips are integral to your continued mobility, any pain you feel should be taken seriously. Hip injuries are common in athletes, as well as people suffering from osteoporosis or other age-related diseases. When you suffer a hit or trauma, you may damage the vital bone structures and create tiny compression fractures. Even if the trauma is not directly to your hips or you don’t have any immediate symptoms, you may have suffered damage. But once you start feeling the pain, you’ll know something’s wrong. Call hip injury doctor Dr. Freeman today for an appointment.

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    What is Hip Injury?

    Hip Injury Treatment NJ
    Injuries are common, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. While the hip is a strong joint that allows a wide range of motion, it can be damaged in a fall, resulting in sudden, acute pain. You can also feel the pain that has worsened over time as a result of repetitive movements such as running, twisting, or turning at work or in sports.

    An injury can happen even if you work out regularly and are careful to warm up beforehand. Since your hips play a pivotal role in your mobility, it’s wise to seek a diagnosis at the first sign of hip pain.

    Redefine Healthcare, NJ sports injury clinic is the best place to come for expert evaluation and hip injury treatment in northern New Jersey.

    Common Types of Hip Injuries and Their Symptoms

    You can feel pain after trauma to either the inside or outside of your hip and in the groin, thighs, or buttocks areas. Some of the most common types of hip injuries include:

    • Hip flexor strain. This injury occurs when one of the muscles at the front of the hip that allows you to move your leg is torn or stretched beyond its limit. It’s a rather common injury, particularly among athletes.
    • Labral tear. This injury refers to damage to the cartilage that lines the socket of the hip joint. A labral tear can cause pain and a catching sensation, limiting mobility.
    • Subluxation. It’s rare to dislocate your hip completely, but a subluxation, also known as dislocation, occurs when your joint is pushed partially out of place. This injury results in severe pain and the inability to bear weight on your leg.
    • Fracture. A fracture might result from a severe injury. Repeated high-impact activities, such as long-distance running, can lead to stress fractures hat are difficult to detect at first. Pain with exercise that subsides with rest is one of the symptoms of a stress fracture.

    Your pain after an injury can range from dull to sharp. Spasms, bruising, swelling, and difficulty walking are all possible complications. You may even find yourself unable to move your hip joint for an extended period of time.

    Causes of Hip Injuries

    There are many possible causes of hip injuries, such as:

    • A trauma or a direct blow to the hip can cause a sudden, painful injury.
    • A hip flexor injury can occur when you over-flex or overuse muscles in martial arts or running activities.
    • Damage to your hip and the surrounding muscles, tendons, or ligaments can occur if you don’t warm up properly before exercise or if your muscles are tight from overuse.

    Existing health problems increase the risk of trauma. Some examples include eating disorders and reduced bone density due to aging or arthritis. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can also lead to bone deterioration. An untreated injury can result in long-term conditions such as hip tendonitis.

    Diagnosis and Treatment of a Hip Injury

    To diagnose your injury, your doctor may consider a number of tests. One of these tests is a physical examination of the hip for swelling, bruising, and reduced range of motion. X-rays aid in the diagnosis of bone injuries, whereas other imaging tests, such as an MRI, aim at diagnosing soft tissue injuries Treatment depends on an accurate diagnosis.

    Rest is the first step in treating a hip flexor injury. Stop participating in the activity that caused the injury. Applying ice to the damaged area decreases swelling and provides some pain relief. Pain and inflammation can also be relieved with over-the-counter medications.

    After your pain has subsided, we almost always recommend physical therapy. A physical therapist can help you stretch and strengthen your muscles. The physical therapist instructs you on exercises you may do at home to increase your endurance and flexibility. Strengthening your supporting muscles relieves pressure on your hips and reduces your risks of further injury.

    Finding Hip Injury Treatment

    If you’ve suffered a trauma or if your pain is severe or worsening, see a pain treatment specialist. Swelling, bruising, bleeding, or an inability to walk should not be ignored. The long-term effects could significantly impact your life and your ability to participate in activities that you enjoy.

    At each of Redefine Healthcare’s four New Jersey locations, hip injury specialists diagnose hip injuries and create a personalized treatment plan to relieve your pain and help you heal as quickly as possible. Contact your best NJ injury doctor, today for an initial consultation. Let the healing begin!

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