Changes to medical marijuana in NJ earlier this year mean that many more people will be able to enroll. The most significant difference is that now, individuals with issues such as certain types of chronic pain, migraines, anxiety, and Tourette’s...Read More

Biceps tendinopathy refers to pain or injury that affects one of the bicep tendons in the shoulder. This may be an inflamed tendon, an inflamed tendon sheath, a degenerative condition, or a ruptured tendon. Biceps tendinopathy can be caused by...Read More

You’re probably aware that breast cancer awareness is a crucial October theme, but did you know that it’s also National Physical Therapy Month? The purpose of this month-long campaign is to raise awareness of physical therapists and physical therapy assistants...Read More

If you’re like most people, you probably take your back for granted. However, occasionally, your back can send signals that you aren’t paying enough attention to its health. Unfortunately, these signals are usually in the form of pain. If your...Read More

Redefine Healthcare is pleased to announce that they will now be offering electromyography at their four New Jersey locations. Electromyography (EMG) is a diagnostic procedure used to determine the health of muscles and nerve cells. Doctors use EMG to diagnose...Read More

The human ankle is a complex part of the body made up of three distinct joints. It’s important for this joint to stay as strong and healthy as possible because it must support the weight of the entire body. When...Read More

Most kids carry around backpacks throughout the day for most of the year. That means that it’s important to pay attention to how they wear them. Wearing it the wrong way can lead to shoulder and back pain that may...Read More

Redefine Healthcare is excited to announce the opening of our new location in Paterson, NJ. We will be bringing with us all the specialties offered at our other three existing sites, in Union, Clifton, and Edison. Paterson residents will now...Read More

Chiropractic care usually concerns the treatment of pains in the muscles, joints, and bones without using surgery or medication. While chiropractors can treat conditions ranging from digestive disorders to migraines, they most commonly provide care to patients suffering from back...Read More

Redefine Healthcare is pleased to announce that we are expanding our services to include chiropractic care in our practice. We are adding to our range of minimally invasive treatments, interventional spine procedures, electrodiagnostic testing, regenerative joint therapies, myofascial injections, and...Read More

Swimming is perhaps one of the best choices for people looking for exercise as a relief from chronic back pain. Pools are often easy to access in most communities, and the barrier to entry is low. Meanwhile, the water delivers...Read More

Though it has a difficult name, a “shoulder subluxation” is merely another term for a type of dislocation. However, shoulder subluxation concerns only a partial movement of the humerus away from its proper position in the socket of the shoulder;...Read More

Yoga poses can help tackle the difficulties brought on by chronic pain. Taking a proactive stance towards managing your discomfort makes it easier to face that challenge directly. With some work, you can make progress towards more comfortable living. Yoga...Read More

Pain management is perhaps one of the hottest topics in the world of modern medicine. As the adverse effects of opioid use (and overuse) gain recognition, both doctors and patients are searching for alternative strategies for regular treatments to back...Read More

Redefine Healthcare is proud to announce it can now provide patients with a new, cutting-edge method for the treatment of chronic back and leg pain: spinal cord stimulation. Using a simple, implantable device, many patients experience a significant and prolonged...Read More

According to the World Health Organization, nearly 15 million people around the globe suffer from some form of dependence on opioids, and that number continues to grow every year. Long-term opiate use not only increases the risk of addiction but...Read More

An “impingement” of the shoulder refers to a medical condition wherein the connective tissues attached to the arm’s rotator cuff become compressed. This occurs in the space beneath the scapula and the shoulder blade, scientifically known as the “subacromial space.”...Read More

May is National Physical Fitness & Sports Month. With the climbing temperatures and the first hits of summer, this is the perfect time to get active.  If you have had a relatively inactive winter, perhaps you can use this month...Read More

If you are experiencing neck pain and pain that radiates down your arm, one possible cause is cervical degenerative disc disease. This problem is the result of wear and tear on the cushioning discs in the cervical spine (neck) that...Read More

Redefine Healthcare is pleased to announce that they will now be offering intercostal nerve block treatments at its several convenient locations throughout the area. The intercostal space is the space between two adjacent ribs. The intercostal nerves run from the...Read More

Spring is in the air, and that means it’s time for Occupational Therapy Month. Of course, those who have reaped the benefits of occupational therapy (OT) would agree that it should be a year-round celebration. However, the month of April...Read More

Biceps tendinopathy refers to irritation or inflammation of the upper biceps tendon, which connects the bones in the shoulder to the biceps muscle. This problem occurs most often in athletes over the age of 35 and non-athletes over 65. It...Read More

Redefine Healthcare is pleased to announce the opening of our brand-new Health and Wellness Division in 2018. We are excited to have the opportunity to help our patients achieve their health and wellness goals in a safe, expertly guided structure. If...Read More

Redefine Healthcare Offers Sacroiliac Joint Injections The leading pain treatment center serving Edison, Union, Clifton, and Jersey City, NJ, Redefine Healthcare announced that they offer sacroiliac joint injections to patients suffering from chronic lower back, buttock and groin pain. Injections...Read More

Spondylosis Relief is Within Reach at Redefine Healthcare At Redefine Healthcare, a team of pain management specialists serving areas like Clifton and the rest of NJ, patients are a priority. Patients who come to the team at Redefine Healthcare are...Read More

Sciatica Sufferers Recovering at Redefine Healthcare Redefine Healthcare offers advanced treatment for patients who suffer from mild to severe spine and joint pain. One of the most common pain conditions is sciatica – but it is also a highly treatable...Read More

Are you searching for premier back pain doctors in and around Union, NJ, who can help you find relief from chronic leg and/or lower back pain? Well, we here at the Redefine Healthcare are proud to offer a multitude of...Read More

Athletes push their bodies to the limit of what they are capable of. Whether you’re cracking a ball beyond the outfield or pushing yourself on a new set of downs, the evidence is clear – wear and tear on your...Read More

Redefine Healthcare, a multi-specialty, in-network, tier one medical practice, is pleased to announce the recent opening of its newest office in Jersey City. With NJ locations in Union, Edison, Clifton, and now Jersey City, Redefine Healthcare looks forward to treating...Read More

Redefine Healthcare is pleased to announce the opening of its Physical Therapy Division at our Union, NJ location. Headed by board-certified physical therapist Neal Shah, our physical therapy team is well-versed in treating a wide-variety of pain conditions. Redefine Healthcare...Read More

Redefine Healthcare would like to inform you that October is National Physical Therapy Month (NPTM)! Each year, NPTM Month is an opportunity to raise awareness about physical therapy as a highly effective treatment for joint and back pain. As you...Read More

For patients suffering from back pain, we know surgery should always be a last resort, pursued only when all other treatment options have been exhausted. Typically, the less invasive a treatment option, the less likely you are to continue to...Read More

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