About the LinQ™ SI Joint Stabilization System

The LinQ™ SI Joint Stabilization System provides SI joint dysfunction patients with a minimally invasive solution to combat pain. After a thorough diagnostic process, physicians can help alleviate, and in many cases, eliminate chronic pain by placing a single LinQ™ allograft into the SI joint.

This single implant helps patients immediately regain joint stability – and with its large graft window, the LinQ™ SI Joint Stabilization System helps create an ideal environment for long-term fusion.

The entire procedure is done through a small incision on the patient’s back. Patients leave the hospital or surgery center the same day, shortly after surgery and can usually resume daily living activities within a couple of weeks, depending on how well they are healing and based on their physician’s orders.

Benefits of the LinQ™ Procedure

The LinQ™ procedure offers several benefits compared to traditional SI joint surgery:
• Posterior approach away from nerves and large blood vessels
• Minimally invasive
• No metal implanted
• Fast recovery time
• Proven effective results

LinQ™ Patient Testimonials