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Lumbar Sprain

    According to the Mayo Clinic, lower back pain is among the top three reasons Americans visit their doctor, along with joint issues and skin conditions. Back pain, sometimes caused by a sprain in your lumbar spine, can lead to disability, as it not only causes pain but also restricts your movement. You’re recommended to find a top doctor, like those at Redefine Healthcare in northern New Jersey, to diagnose all low back pain, since some causes represent serious damage or disease. A lumbar sprain, by contrast, is a ligament injury that your doctor can treat. Call Redefine Healthcare at the location nearest you to schedule a consultation and get out of pain.

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    A lumbar sprain refers to an injury in the lower back caused by a stretched or torn ligament. Ligaments are the tough fibrous bands of tissue that attach one bone to another. The lumbar region of your spine supports your body’s flexibility, so have any lower back pain examined by an expert who can provide treatment and lower back pain management.

    The lumbar section of your spine absorbs the stress of heavy lifting, supports your upper body. Ligaments connecting your bones in this part of your body control your body movements. With so much pressure on your back, ligaments are especially prone to injury and long-term wear-and-tear damage.

    If you experience sharp back pain after an accident or a fall, you’ve probably suffered ligament damage. An injury to your lower back requires specialized attention, which you get from the experts at Redefine Healthcare in northern New Jersey. These experienced pain management doctors use the latest medical techniques and technology to reduce or eliminate your pain and restore the function of your back.

    Causes of Lumbar Sprains

    Any excessive pressure on your back can tear the ligaments from their bone attachments, leading to difficulty maintaining flexibility and movement. A back injury can cause debilitating pain, limit motion, and affect your quality of life. Some causes of a lumbar sprain include:

    • Excess weight;
    • Heavy lifting;
    • Sudden trauma;
    • An auto accident;
    • A heavy fall;
    • Increased physical activity without proper warm-ups;
    • Improper movements;
    • A sudden twist of the back;
    • A heavy blow to the lower back that forces a joint out of its normal position.

    Weakened ligaments due to job-related stress on your lower back, long-term wear from playing certain sports, and untreated back injuries make your ligaments more susceptible to tears. The team at the New Jersey pain management practice treats every case individually. Back pain treatment starts with a thorough diagnosis to identify the cause and extent of the damage before your doctor recommends a personalized treatment plan.

    Lumbar Sprain

    Symptoms of Lumbar Sprain

    With the high prevalence of lower back pain in modern society, it’s easy to misdiagnose a lumbar sprain. That’s why you need to seek out an expert with extensive experience in diagnosing and treating lower back pain. Some specific symptoms of a lower back sprain include:

    • A localized pain in your lower back;
    • Swelling or bruising in your lower back;
    • Redness and high temperature around the injured area;
    • A tear or popping sensation in the lumbar area
    • Pain that spreads from your lower back to your buttocks or thighs;
    • Significant mobility problems when leaning forward, walking or standing up after resting;
    • Stiffness when getting up in the morning;
    • Intensified pain during exercise.

    A prompt and firm diagnosis is necessary to pinpoint the source of your pain. These symptoms alone are similar to those caused by a pinched nerve, herniated discs, and lumbar degenerative disc disease, which require a different line of treatment. The team at Redefine Healthcare uses cutting-edge technology to get to a fir diagnosis.

    Lumbar Sprain Consequences

    The crucial function of your lower back makes any injury to this part of your spine potentially serious. If you suspect a lumbar sprain, consult a pain management specialist for immediate diagnosis and treatment. Reasons to seek immediate treatment for a lumbar sprain include:

    • Debilitating pain;
    • An inability to maintain proper posture;
    • Temporary sciatica symptoms;
    • An inability to do daily activities;
    • A major cause of disability;
    • A lowered quality of life;
    • Persistent muscle spasms when you’re moving or resting;
    • Back stiffness;
    • Joint instability.

    Without proper treatment, the sprain can lead to additional consequences, such as:

    Treatment for Lumbar Sprain

    If it’s caught early and if the pain isn’t debilitating, your pain doctor may recommend rest, ice and over-the-counter pain relievers. Physical therapy helps you learn proper stretching and strengthening exercises that help ease your discomfort and prevent future sprains. Return to regular activities slowly to moderate your recovery and prevent your symptoms from returning.
    If your diagnosis reveals a more severe lumbar sprain, treatments may include:

    • Anti-inflammatory medication;
    • Physical therapy, such as pelvic traction, massage, and electrical muscle stimulation;
    • Short-term prescription pain medication so you can participate in physical therapy successfully;
    • A brace over the affected area;
    • Corticosteroids injections with cortisone and prednisone to reduce inflammation;
    • Trigger point injections for lower back pain;
    • Plasma-rich platelet therapy (PRP) for lower back pain relief;
    • Injection-based treatment, such as prolotherapy.

    If you’re struggling with lower back pain that’s new or comes on suddenly, especially after a car accident or sports injury, you may have a lumbar sprain. Get a proper diagnosis as soon as possible from the pain specialists at Redefine Healthcare in New Jersey. Contact the pain doctors today and get back control of your life with modern pain management methods.

    I have been a patient here for a few years and I am very happy with the doctors and the staff. The staff are all very professional and friendly. As soon as you come in the door they treat you like family. Dr. Cerelo along with other doctors have helped me to understand all my injuries and always find ways to help make my quality of life a bit better. I highly recommend them to anyone who is suffering from pain. Thank you all for what you do for me.


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