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Middle Back Pain

While not as common as pain in your upper or lower back, mid-back pain is no less serious or debilitating. When you can’t twist or turn without pain, you can’t lead an active lifestyle or play in your favorite sports. Middle back pain also limits your everyday activities. Don’t suffer when treatment is so close in northern New Jersey at Redefine Healthcare. Call today or visit one of four convenient locations to get out of pain and get back to your normal routines.

Middle Back Pain Treatment in NJ | Pain Management Doctor, SpecialistMiddle back pain is usually associated with the area that extends from your neck to the bottom of your ribcage. Mid-back pain isn’t as common as lower back pain, upper back pain or neck pain, but it can still create problems for you in your daily life, especially if you’re otherwise healthy.

Pain that emanates from your thoracic spine can turn chronic when the underlying condition isn’t diagnosed correctly or if you don’t seek treatment in a timely fashion.

You may feel mid-back pain as a sharp stabbing or a dull, burning ache. You may also feel tightness in your back muscles and stiffness as you move. Your NJ pain management doctor at Redefine Healthcare in New Jersey needs to examine you thoroughly before recommending a mid-back pain relief plan.


You may develop other serious symptoms that prompt you to seek medical attention. When your back hurts, you need an accurate diagnosis and treatment no matter where it begins.

Seek emergency treatment if back pain is accompanied by:

  • Weakness in your arms
  • Loss of control of your bladder or bowels
  • Numbness or tingling in your chest or arms
  • Unexplained loss of weight
  • Fever and chills
  • Bacterial infection

Signs that You Need Mid-Back Pain Treatment

Back pain manifests due to a variety of diseases and medical conditions. While it’s unlikely, you may have spinal cancer or pancreatic cancer that shows up as middle back pain. You may have kidney problems that cause mid-back pain on the right side. Inform your New Jersey back pain specialist exactly where you feel the pain and how severe it is.

The medical conditions that can cause mid-back pain include:

Other factors that can cause middle back pain include:

  • A back injury, such as a slipped disc or a sprain
  • Poor posture
  • Prolonged sitting at a desk
  • Overuse of specific muscles and ligaments
  • Repetitive movements at your job or in a sport
  • Back muscle atrophy
  • Wearing a backpack for long periods of time
  • Sports injuries
  • Trauma from a car accident or fall
  • Jobs that require frequent heavy lifting

Middle Back Pain Treatment

The mid-back pain treatment that’s right for you depends on the exact cause of your pain. Your northern New Jersey pain management specialist of Redefine Health pain clinic has many tools and techniques available to target the source of your discomfort. You almost always start treatment with conservative, non-invasive options.

If your back pain is minor, your doctor may recommend over-the-counter painkillers or stronger pain medicine if your pain is severe. Heat or ice on the affected area also reduces your discomfort. For chronic mid-back pain sufferers, however, more intensive treatment may be required.

When a Spinal Cord Stimulator Makes Sense

The spinal cord stimulator is a fairly new technology that allows you to manage your chronic middle back pain better. The device is surgically inserted under your skin, with wires that connect to the nerves of your spinal cord. When the device is turned on, a mild electrical pulse is emitted that interferes with the pain signals your brain receives.

You may start with a trial device that’s not surgically implanted but worn close to your body. If the treatment is effective, the stimulator device is implanted. You can control the stimulator device via remote control. Depending on your model, the spinal code stimulator keeps working for more than 10 years by using rechargeable batteries.

Preventing Mid-Back Pain

Considering that your middle back pain can result in surgery or an implanted device in a worst-case scenario, it benefits you to take preventative steps to protect your spine. You can:

  • Follow your physical therapist’s guidelines to build up your back muscles and enhance your body’s flexibility
  • Strengthen your abdominal muscles to take the stress off your back muscles
  • Keep your weight at a healthy level to reduce the pressure your middle back endures on a daily basis
  • Exercise regularly — especially aerobic exercises like swimming, walking and elliptical training
  • Don’t smoke or give up cigarettes
  • Be conscious of how you move, bend and twist
  • Lift heavy objects with your legs, not your back
  • Mind your posture, whether you’re standing or sitting

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