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Physical therapy isn’t just for severe pain or after an accident or injury. Physical therapy can help patients of all ages with medical conditions, illness, or injuries that limit their regular ability to move and function.

October is National Physical Therapy Month, and Redefine Healthcare wants to urge patients to learn more about the discipline and how it can be applicable to your needs and goals. Here are five reasons you might consider seeing a physical therapist.

  1. Improve mobility, balance, and strength. If you have trouble standing, walking, or moving, physical therapy can help. Stretching and strengthening exercises can help restore your ability to move. Physical therapy helps take care of your body’s mechanics.
  2. Avoid surgery. When physical therapy eliminates pain or heals an injury, surgery may no longer be needed. When surgery is unavoidable, pre-surgical physical therapy can help with a better outcome. By heading into surgery strong and in shape, you can bounce back faster. 
  3. Prevent injury. Physical therapy can be a preventative type of care. Participating in sports or exercising can increase your risk for specific types of injuries, and physical therapists can design appropriate injury prevention programs.
  4. Manage aging. We are at risk to lose muscle mass and strength as we get older, leading to conditions like joint pain and arthritis. Physical therapists can help patients recover from surgeries like a joint replacement, or manage symptoms of degenerative conditions conservatively.
  5. Help control a disease or condition. Physical therapy can effectively manage conditions outside of chronic pain and injury, like those of the heart, lungs, or weight. For example, exercise can help control blood sugar, which may be one component of an overall diabetes management plan.
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