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Shoulder Pain Anatomy

Shoulder Pain from Sleeping? Here Are Possible Reasons Why and What You Can Do

Waking up with debilitating shoulder pain is not pleasant. It can affect your mood and routine activities as the shoulder joint is responsible for a wide range of motions. Whether it is resulting from your sleeping position or there are other underlying issues behind it, it is essential to find out [...]

Shoulder Pain

4 Effective Exercises and Stretches to Relieve Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can become a chronic problem that affects every day work and life activities. Even simple movements like getting dressed, combing your hair, and eating can be painful chores. Visit Redefine Healthcare for expert medical guidance if you are experiencing shoulder pain or the discomfort i [...]

Muscle Spasms in the Shoulder

What to Do About Muscle Spasms in the Shoulder

Muscle spasms in your shoulders are annoying. They interfere with your daily life activities and keep you from having a healthy exercise routine. The spasms are usually short-lived and benign that get better with self-treatment and stretching. If your spasms occur frequently or if they are very pain [...]

Swimmer’s Shoulder

Swimmer’s Shoulder: Signs, Symptoms, Stretches, and Treatment

Pinching and sharp pain in the shoulder may limit your ability to swim efficiently and use your arm for normal functions. Schedule your appointment at Redefine Healthcare, New Jersey’s premier pain management practice, for a swimmer's shoulder evaluation if you suspect soreness or tension in muscl [...]


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