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When you rushed to the stores to stock up on essentials, you didn’t realize you were gathering at-home gym props as well. Now that you might not be able to visit your local fitness center, here are some creative, at-home exercises to keep fit.

Do you need a two to three-pound weight for strength training? Head to the pantry because you probably bought a can or two of beans. The medium bag of rice you totted to your house is an excellent four to five-pound weight. Did you know a gallon of milk weighs eight pounds?

There is no need to lament the fact you can’t travel to your athletic facility or studio. Let’s use that time to sweat and stretch at home.


If you live in a high rise, ditch the elevator and start climbing those stairs. If you have a basement at your home, start there and walk to the top floor of your house. Repeat three times, and you’ll feel that heart rate increasing. Try these other quick and easy cardio exercises.

  • Remember those jumping jacks from elementary school P.E. classes? Did you know ten minutes of jumping jacks burns 100 calories? It doesn’t require any equipment or skill.
  • March in place for five minutes. If you are ready for more, begin jogging in place for another five minutes.
  • For a killer cardio workout, try the burpee. Drop your hands to the floor from a standing position, jump your feet to a plank position, and then hop your feet back before standing up with your arms in the air. Repeat. Try this for three minutes to begin, and then look for a towel to wipe the sweat from your brow.


It’s time to return to the groceries. Be sure to gather your spouse, children, or grandparents together as you gain muscle tone that you’ll show off when we venture outside again.

  • Grab the cans of beans for triceps kickbacks. Lean over with a flat back and extend your arms to the floor. Lift the cans like they are a bag of groceries, and then extend your arms behind you. Repeat 12 times for four sets.
  • Hold your gallon of milk with both hands behind your head, and then extend your arms until the milk is above your head. Try to do four sets of 12-reps. Say goodbye to squishy arms with these triceps extensions.
  • Your bag of rice is perfect for squats. Hold the rice with both hands at your chest and stand with your feet hip-distance apart. Drop your butt down and back and then stand up again. Do this 20 times and squeeze your glutes each time you stand.
  • Planks are an excellent workout for your core. Begin with your hands and knees on the floor. Lift your weight and push your feet back until your body is in full extension. Hold the position for a minute, and repeat three times. For an exercise that seems so easy, it offers impressive results.

Be sure your doctor approves of any exercises you plan to tackle. These simeple, at-home exercises to keep fit won’t just tone and strengthen your body, it also releases endorphins – the body’s feel-good chemicals.

We look forward to hearing the creative, at-home exercises to keep fit you chose during this time. As always, Redefine Healthcare remains open to evaluate any pain-related issues of concern. Contact us today to schedule a telemedicine or in-office appointment.


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