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Headaches are a common complaint and one that can be tricky to diagnose. That’s because there are many different types of headaches, with many different triggers. Some common causes of headaches include lack of sleep, alcohol, skipped meals, poor posture, and excessive stress. Paying attention to what sets off your headaches can help your chiropractor diagnose and treat them appropriately. Other than lifestyle factors, there are several potential causes of headaches, including referred pain from the soft tissues or bony structures in the neck.

Your chiropractor may be able to help when it comes to relieving your headaches – and without the medications so often prescribed and their long list of unwanted side effects. When you see your chiropractor about your headaches, they will evaluate to gain an understanding of your symptoms, what triggers them, and the best way to treat them. They can also provide peace of mind by ruling out underlying severe conditions or refer you to another specialist if necessary, for additional testing or treatment.

Here are four essential ways chiropractic care can help with chronic headaches:

  1. Through chiropractic adjustments and spinal manipulations. These treatments can improve spinal function and alleviate excess stress on your system that can lead to headaches. Chiropractic care is often useful because manipulating the body can affect blood vessel function and provide relief.
  2. Through nutritional advice. Many people don’t realize that chiropractors can also offer nutritional information to help their patients recover. Changes in your diet including an increase in B vitamins may provide you with some headache relief.
  3. Through the recommendation of other therapies. Your chiropractor can provide you with a lot of advice to help with your headaches, such as stretches and other exercises you can do at home, avoiding clenching of the teeth, and getting plenty of quality sleep.
  4. Through stress management. Chiropractic treatments can be very relaxing. Many people leave feeling much less tense, both from the adjustments themselves and the satisfaction of being proactive about their healthcare. Since stress is a common cause of headaches, this kind of relaxation can be very effective at relieving them. Do keep in mind that it may take a few weeks for you to adjust to your treatments.

Many people living with regular headaches have tried everything they can think of, often without success. Chiropractors commonly see patients who are frustrated with drugs and other treatments that haven’t worked; in fact, headaches are one of the most common reasons that people book chiropractic appointments. There has been a good deal of research on the effects of chiropractic care on headaches with favorable results; many patients report a reduction in the frequency, duration, and intensity of their headaches after just a few weeks of treatment. Less pain means a higher quality of life, so it’s not hard to see why it makes sense to contact a chiropractor about your headaches. Contact Redefine Healthcare today to book a consultation.


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