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Spring is in the air, and that means it’s time for Occupational Therapy Month. Of course, those who have reaped the benefits of occupational therapy (OT) would agree that it should be a year-round celebration. However, the month of April is an excellent time to showcase all the hard-working therapists and the wonderful changes they help bring about in their patients’ lives. Would you like to celebrate with us or honor your OT colleagues or friends? Here are some ideas.

1. Recognize their hard work

Everyone has a bad day at work now and then. However, receiving an acknowledgment of your hard work and dedication is always a welcome addition to your work week. If you know or work with an occupational therapist, share your appreciation in the form of a lunch out, a thank-you note, a cake, or a small gift. These therapists spend their days taking care of other people, so let them know their work matters by taking care of them for a change during Occupational Therapy Month.

2. Do a little fundraising

Occupational therapists are a special group of people with big hearts. In honor of their generosity and hard work, consider organizing a fundraising event for an OT-focused charity. For example, you might host a 5K walk/run or a “fun run” and donate the proceeds to the charity. Or, you could create a crowdfunding campaign or even simply set up a box for donations at the front desk of your clinic.

3. Get the word out

Need an easy idea? Spend a few minutes each day during April spreading the word about OT on social media. You might share news stories, events, or general information about the industry. Social media is also a useful tool for promoting your own fundraising efforts, parties, or anything else you might be doing to celebrate. You can also share interesting websites or articles you find to help position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

4. Host a friendly competition

There’s something about friendly competition that brings people together. Think of a fun event you could organize such as a relay race or obstacle course (maybe using wheelchairs!). Incorporate themes such as activities of daily living to educate your participants and observers about OT. Competition is a fun way to promote OT awareness and celebrate the hardworking folks in this field.

5. Get involved

You might already belong to a community group such as a chamber of commerce, networking association, or social group. Use this connection to share your OT story by giving a brief talk, teaching a class, or participating in a local job fair. You’ll be planting seeds that might take root, encouraging others to explore their interest in the OT profession.

At Redefine Healthcare, we are passionate about providing our community with the highest level of quality and care. We hope you find some fun ways to celebrate OT Month this April! Give us a call to schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations.



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