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Redefine Healthcare Explores Four Holistic Benefits of Chiropractic Manipulation

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The average person may believe that chiropractic care only involves the manipulation of the spine. While spine support is an integral part of the process, chiropractic practice is a holistic approach to medicine—one that considers the entire patient, not merely one disease or a single symptom. At Redefine Healthcare, we celebrate the progress made by individuals in recovery, just as we celebrate our patients who are managing physical health conditions and recovering from injuries.

While pain relief is an essential goal in these procedures, as the Redefine Healthcare team explains, a chiropractor also seeks to help a patient restore his or her body’s natural order. These efforts can have holistic benefits of their own. Redefine Healthcare recently highlighted several of the critical benefits of experienced and comprehensive chiropractic care. We do our part in contributing to recovery by offering chiropractic services, which can help you recuperate faster and better from a variety of injuries. Here’s how.

Less Stress and Anxiety

Under the guidance of a chiropractor, patients receive not only treatment through physical manipulation but also advice and guidance on how to make positive life changes. These two efforts combine to offer more powerful benefits than either could produce on their own.

For many, this care process means a reduction in the amount of daily anxiety one feels, with stress making less of an impact. Chiropractors often point out that emotional stress can be a cause of subluxations, the vertebral misalignments that can cause pain and disease.

1. Reducing Stress By Reducing Muscle Tension

Stress and muscle tension form a cycle that can be hard to break; you feel stressed, so your muscles tense, which leads to pain and more anxiety. When your muscles are tensed, it can affect your posture and the way you sit, stand, and walk. Over time these changes take a toll on your body. You may experience sleep problems or have trouble concentrating on work because of the tension in your body. Your chiropractor can help soothe this tension, restoring your body’s natural balance and your mind’s focus.

2. Restoring Physical Function Through Spinal Adjustments

Your spine is central to your neurological system. Everything your brain communicates to the rest of your body – including swallowing and breathing – transmits through the backbone. When you are stressed, and your body becomes tense, it affects your spine. Your chiropractor can adjust your spine and restore its natural position as well as the normal function of your body. Many patients report that after regular chiropractic treatments, they have more energy, get sick less often, and feel less stressed overall.

3. A Holistic Whole-Person Approach

Your body and mind are inextricably connected, and this is never more apparent than when you are under a lot of stress. Your chiropractor can counsel you on full-body wellness including nutrition, exercise, physical therapy, and mental processes. All of these lifestyle choices impact your fitness, physical performance, and mental health. Your chiropractor will take your complete medical history and work closely with you to help you develop healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes that will keep you feeling your best.

Better Sleep

A good night’s rest is the natural consequence of lower stress levels. With confidence in your care and the ability to address problems in close consultation with your chiropractor, you may find it is easier to fall asleep. Many chiropractic patients report improvements in sleep quality following an adjustment, but your practitioner can help in other ways, too. Suggesting the right sleeping position for your body, for example, can make a big difference.

A Unified Approach to Your Health

By viewing the body as a series of interconnected systems and not merely breaking down issues into symptoms to treat, chiropractors offer patients a more unobstructed view of their healthcare. This benefit is further strengthened by the close working relationship that develops between patient and practitioner—one that Redefine Healthcare professionals consider a foundational tenet of chiropractic care. Consulting with a professional that can make connections between issues patients are experiencing can increase patient confidence and improve outcomes.

A Reduced Need for Surgery

Perhaps one of the most significant and most well-studied benefits of chiropractic care relates to its ability to aid patients in avoiding the need for surgery. While sometimes necessary to remedy a patient health concern, back surgeries often carry a higher risk of complications than non-surgical care. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, chiropractic care can and should serve as the first line of treatment for back-related issues before surgery becomes an option. Some recent studies found that holistic chiropractic care reduced the need for surgery by more than 60%.

Diet And Nutrition

Nutrition may not be the first thing you think of when you consider chiropractic care, but it’s indeed an important and integral part of your treatment. When you’re injured, you need to shift your perspective to nutrition. Your focus now is on fighting inflammation and fueling repair. When you’re injured, your body sends out an inflammatory response. This reaction is a good thing to an extent – it’s how cuts are healed, and the damage is repaired. However, a prolonged state of inflammation (for example, from a severe injury) can inhibit healing and exacerbate your swelling and damage. Speak with your chiropractor about a good anti-inflammatory diet that includes lots of vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats and excludes pro-inflammatory foods such as refined sugars, oils, and processed meats.

Increasing The Rate Of Healing

One of the most important ways chiropractic care can help you recover is by increasing your natural rate of healing. Muscle tension can stifle agility while misalignment can hinder the healing process; chiropractic treatment can address both problems. If you have sustained an injury, muscle stress, inflammation, and misalignments can all affect how quickly you recover. Chiropractic adjustments can protect you from these issues, not only helping you recover from an existing injury, but also helping you avoid injuries in the future.

Improving Range Of Motion

You may have heard about football players taking ballet classes to improve on the field. You’re almost certainly aware that stretching before and after a workout is a good idea. In fact, both of these practices can enhance your flexibility and agility, maximizing your range of motion and making it easier to move your body comfortably. Increasing your flexibility can help protect you from the effects of tight muscles – such as an increased risk of injury. Chiropractic treatments can help you achieve the same results. Having an optimal range of motion can contribute to your general comfort, a lower risk of injury, and speedier healing from injuries you may have now.

Correcting Asymmetries

Another way chiropractic can help you recover is by correcting asymmetries in your body. Maybe you’ve heard that everyone has one leg that’s longer than the other? This fact is indeed true of all body parts – nobody is 100 % symmetrical. As a result, the two sides of your body are slightly different, and this can affect your performance and healing. Chiropractic alignments can help condition your body to cope with these differences better along with reducing tension throughout your body. When your body is equipped to function properly as one unit, it can recover faster from an injury and be less likely to become re-injured going forward.

By creating an individual as a complete person, together, practitioners and their patients unlock the opportunity to explore many whole-body benefits. Redefine Healthcare is proud to offer access to holistic chiropractic as one of the many available options for pain management and relief. With trained experts in physical therapy, chiropractic care, and more, the Redefine Healthcare team is ready to aid in finding the right treatment pathway for each patient. Get in touch with Redefine Healthcare today to start a conversation about how chiropractic care could benefit you.

Page Updated on Mar 22, 2022 by Dr. Freeman (Pain Management Specialist) of Redefine Healthcare


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