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Great news!

Beginning this March, Redefine Healthcare will now be offering Chiropractic treatment at our Edison location. If you live near Edison, your drive to access excellent chiropractic services will be a lot shorter—but drive safely! The after-effects of a car accident represent one of the leading reasons why people visit their chiropractor’s office. We are an excellent resource for addressing pain management and building strength to decrease recovery time after an accident occurs.

For most people, pain is inevitable at some point in their lives, but taking preventive measures increases the likelihood of recovering more quickly or avoiding injury altogether.


Your spinal health is vital to your productive and active lifestyle. Taking preventative steps increases your ability to build strength and flexibility.

  • Preventive chiropractic care increases your range of motion by boosting flexibility. When your muscles and joints are tight, you are at an increased risk of straining them, even during your light daily routines. Adjustments improve your joints’ ability to move so that your muscles can do their work.
  • Your spine supports your body. A chiropractor’s adjustment will improve your posture, which has a direct effect on the neck, back, and leg areas. The more you stand or sit up straight, the less likely it is that you’ll experience minor aches and pains.
  • Have you noticed minor pain? You may think that it isn’t worth addressing unless it worsens, but focusing on the issue earlier means that you can stop it before it becomes problematic.

You can stay one step ahead of aches and pains if you visit our offices as a preventive gift to yourself. If you do face a sports injury or find yourself rear-ended in an automobile accident, you will have a stronger and more flexible body to begin the healing process with as you pursue care.

Car Accidents

No amount of prevention can protect you from another person rear-ending you in an auto accident.  The good news is that chiropractors are an excellent resource to address these kinds of injuries.

When someone hits your car from behind, forces measuring thousands of pounds impact your supporting tissues around the spine and neck. These tissues, ligaments, and vertebral discs stretch and tear, disrupting your joints. Spinal shifting and misalignment add up to the potential for a lot of aches and pains.

Pain from a car accident may not appear for days or even weeks after the accident. Pain medication does a satisfying job at masking the pain. However, a chiropractor will get to the underlying injury, whether it is a spinal issue or whiplash.

The Long-Term Solution to Managing Pain

Chiropractic care will address lost mobility after an injury. Adjustment relieves the pressure on the nerves and muscles as it realigns the spine. There are times when the pain goes away immediately upon alignment. Corrective exercises increase the body’s full range of motion, relieving even more pain.

Your long-term solution to supporting your body’s natural healing process begins with that first drive to your chiropractor’s office. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to relieve pain and build a healthier spinal structure to prepare for the unexpected.


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