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Redefine Healthcare is proud to announce it can now provide patients with a new, cutting-edge method for the treatment of chronic back and leg pain: spinal cord stimulation. Using a simple, implantable device, many patients experience a significant and prolonged reduction in their daily pain levels. With fewer adverse side effects and a treatment tailored to the individual, this option can foster a more active and enjoyable lifestyle.

Spinal cord stimulators are a class of medical device that relies on a small electrical generator to create pulses of energy that disrupt nerves which consistently signal pain to the brain. An excellent choice for patients experiencing sciatica and those with herniated or degenerating discs, SCS systems also work well for the treatment of other chronic lower body pains. With the latest SCS technology provided by NEVRO, patients can experience a notable improvement.

Spinal Cord Stimulation Explained.

Nerves communicate with the brain through electrical impulses, and pain signals are no different. However, damaged nerves or those affected by a condition such as a herniated disc will send these pain signals to the brain incessantly. Thus, a patient experiences chronic pain. By disrupting and blocking these signals with countering electrical impulses, the pain signals will not reach the brain. By implanting wires near the spinal column, SCS systems can affect the nerves near the affected areas, in effect shutting down their ability to tell the brain to experience pain.

The Benefits Of NEVRO Solutions.

Redefine Healthcare has chosen the HF10 therapy system by NEVRO due to its proven ability to deliver a better quality of life for patients. Designed as a system to provide more freedom, patients can sleep comfortably and even drive without interference. Where other SCS systems can cause unpleasant and sudden shocks during everyday movements such as bending over, NEVRO’s HF10 therapy avoids this problem altogether. Another common side effect, a persistent tingling known as paresthesia, has been eliminated with the NEVRO system. Combined with an elevated level of reliability and a track record of results, this treatment path offers an essential choice for relief.

What Patients Experience During This Procedure.

In nearly every case, implantation of an SCS occurs on an outpatient basis. Typically, a trial period is undertaken first to assess the patient’s comfort level and response to the therapy. Patients will have tiny insulated wires implanted beneath the skin into the affected areas identified for treatment. The electrical pulse generator is worn externally for the short trial period. Then, the wires are easily removed if the patient does not reach a certain pain reduction threshold. Once identified as a viable strategy for a patient’s relief, the doctor will implant the battery-powered generator beneath the skin. This system functions automatically to block the pain signals continuously. The procedure is short, and the effects begin immediately after its conclusion.

This proven therapy offers a new way forward for many patients with chronic pain. To discuss the possibilities of using this treatment yourself, contact Redefine Healthcare today.


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