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Redefine Healthcare has paired up with AccuHealth to provide Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to our patients.

At Redefine Healthcare, we believe in offering the highest quality of care to our patients, which is why we paired up with AccuHealth to provide Remote Patient Monitoring. RPM helps to prevent some conditions and allows our physicians to manage their existing conditions to provide an overall better health outcome. 

Our RPM program will provide patients with a blood pressure cuff to monitor their blood pressure at any time in the convenience of their own home. 

What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

RPM is a program designed to allow patients to take daily readings of their blood pressure from the convenience of their home and have those readings monitored by a healthcare professional. Abnormal readings will trigger a healthcare professional reaching out to the patient to determine whether emergency care is required.

What are the benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring?

RPM allows providers to take a proactive approach to patient care by viewing our patient’s blood pressure remotely and making clinical decisions, such as ordering blood work, referring a patient to the proper specialist, and making adjustments to medications or treatment plans when necessary.

Who qualifies for Remote Patient Monitoring?

Do you suffer from…

  • Pain?
  • Diabetes?
  • Cardiovascular disease?
  • Obesity?
  • Heart failure?
  • Concerns of high blood pressure?

Ask your provider today about Remote Patient Monitoring and begin your journey towards better overall health. 

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