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You have probably noticed by now that many men seem to misplace their razors come November. Why are they suddenly sprouting ‘staches? The answer lies in Movember, also known as No Shave November. This month, men everywhere will let their facial hair grow wild and free – and not just for fun. It also helps raise awareness about men’s health. In addition, they raise money for charities associated with men’s physical and mental health issues.

In particular, Movember draws attention to prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health issues. Movember is about increasing awareness of these issues and encouraging men to be aware of their risks and learn the best ways to prevent problems from developing.

At Redefine Healthcare, we love a fun challenge, primarily when it benefits our community. If you are using Movember to help raise funds, we suggest considering one of the following three foundations. Chronic pain affects millions of people as either an underlying cause or a side effect of physical and mental disorders. Here are three great ones.

U.S. Pain Foundation

The U.S. Pain Foundation speaks out for those suffering from chronic pain. The organization has initiated a variety of programs including awareness programs, educational programs, support programs, and fundraising programs. They host events, activities, and campaigns to raise chronic pain awareness and educate and empower those suffering. They also offer a designated medical cannabis program that advocates for safe and fair access to medical cannabis and its proven pain-relieving benefits. The U.S. Pain Foundation also focuses on children and teens living with chronic pain. They help by providing helpful information through webinars, Facebook live events, and Twitter chats. You can get involved and make a difference, too.

American Chronic Pain Association

The American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) was founded in 1980 by a woman who had been living with chronic pain in Pennsylvania for years. After participating in a pain management program at the Cleveland Clinic, she wanted to maintain her newfound skills and help make others with chronic pain aware of their options. Today, ACPA offers support groups in many countries as well as education about pain management skills. Their website is filled with helpful information and resources to help people understand their pain better and work more effectively with their healthcare teams. Support ACPA with a tax-deductible contribution.

The Pain Relief Foundation

The Pain Relief Foundation is a UK-based charity that helps fund research into the underlying causes and treatment of chronic pain. They also focus on education and awareness among healthcare professionals. Through events, courses, and lectures, they aim to provide doctors and other health workers with the latest evidence-based knowledge of pain conditions and pain management. They also work to educate and empower chronic pain sufferers. The goal of The Pain Relief Foundation is to disseminate accurate information throughout the world. You can learn more, including how to help, here.



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