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bicep pain, bicep tendinopathy

Biceps tendinopathy refers to irritation or inflammation of the upper biceps tendon, which connects the bones in the shoulder to the biceps muscle. This problem occurs most often in athletes over the age of 35 and non-athletes over 65. It may appear on its own or in conjunction with other issues in the shoulder or arm, such as a torn rotator cuff.

The primary symptom of biceps tendinopathy is pain around the inflamed tendon. The pain is often described as deep or throbbing and may worsen when lifting heavy objects. It can be difficult to distinguish this discomfort from the ache of other possible issues such as cervical disc disease or a torn rotator cuff. The pain associated with biceps tendinopathy typically becomes worse at night or after sleeping on the affected side. The patient may also notice “popping” or “clicking” sensations in the shoulder. The discomfort may be severe enough to interfere with their normal daily activities, so proper diagnosis and prompt treatment are vital.

Diagnostic measures
When you see your doctor, they will probably want to perform some tests, including observation and palpation of the affected area and screening of the cervical spine, among others. Imaging tests that will likely be recommended include MRI, ultrasound, and others. Be prepared to answer questions about your medical history, activity levels, and symptoms for the quickest and most reliable diagnosis.

Surgery is indicated in many cases and often achieves the best results regarding strength and function. However, in medically complicated or less-active patients, non-surgical measures may be helpful. These include rest, anti-inflammatory medications, and corticosteroid injections. Physical therapy can also be useful. However, surgical repair of biceps tendinopathy usually offers the best outcome, especially once other measures have been tried and found to be unsuccessful.

Compassionate Care at Redefine Healthcare
Biceps tendinopathy can be caused by the normal aging process or by overuse as seen in certain athletes and may be accompanied by other shoulder issues. Treatment may be conservative, or it may involve surgery. In any event, Redefine Healthcare is here to assist you every step of the way, providing the expert care you need to relieve pain and restore optimal function.

At Redefine Healthcare, we offer advanced treatment for patients suffering from biceps tendinopathy as well as a range of other health issues. If you are experiencing symptoms of biceps tendinopathy, feel free to contact us for a consultation. We offer a variety of treatment options and recovery plans designed to alleviate pain and prevent further damage. The severity of symptoms and the best course of treatment vary widely. That’s why we take a personalized approach and provide each patient with a treatment plan created for their unique situation. Our physicians dedicate themselves to providing comprehensive, compassionate care using the latest technology and research.

You don’t have to suffer from the pain of biceps tendinopathy. Get started on your path to wellness as soon as possible by calling Redefine Healthcare today.



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