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Redefine Healthcare would like to inform you that October is National Physical Therapy Month (NPTM)! Each year, NPTM Month is an opportunity to raise awareness about physical therapy as a highly effective treatment for joint and back pain. As you may know, the US continues to face a serious opioid epidemic, with many Americans being prescribed highly addictive pain medications at an alarming rate.

At Redefine Healthcare, we know one of the best ways to combat this opioid epidemic is by using highly effective, alternatives to pain medications, such as physical therapy. In fact, there are a number of physical therapy exercises that you can perform yourself. Here are Five Ways You Can Work Yourself Out At Home:

  • Push Ups
    • The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the human body, allowing for a great range of motion. Developing the muscles around the shoulder by doing push-ups can help stabilize the shoulder joint.
  • Sit Ups
    • A strong core can help in having a strong back. Not only will strengthening your abdominal muscles help your back, the motion of performing sit-ups also can help your back acclimate to having greater mobility.
  • Squats
    • Squats are another great exercise that can be done at home with or without weights and are very good for strengthening your legs. Just remember, you don’t have to bend your knees completely. In fact, it’s better if you stop just short of completely bending your knees, as it could put a lot of stress on your knee joints.
  • Bent Over Row
    • Bent over rows are a great way to strengthen your back muscles. Even if you don’t own weights, you can perform this exercise with shopping bags full of groceries. Remember, each gallon of milk you buy weighs about ten pounds.
  • Curls
    • Good for increasing arm strength and acclimating the elbow joint to move. Again, if dumbbells are unavailable, this can be performed with shopping bags also.

Of course, sometimes exercising at home is insufficient and a professional physical therapist is needed to address a pain condition. The Redefine Physical Therapy team led by Neal Shah is board-certified and professionally trained to treat a variety of back and joint pain conditions. If you or someone you know suffers from a pain condition, contact us today and experience firsthand how physical therapy has redefined the quality of life for many of our patients.

At Redefine Healthcare, we’re a Tier-One, In-Network provider redefining care one patient at a time. We employ a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, with an emphasis on avoiding surgery. To learn more about the treatments and procedures available at Redefine Healthcare, please visit


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